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Planer Creationists Meeting

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Planer Creationists Meeting

Post by Golah » Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:23 pm

Planers and Creationists, we will be meeting a week from tomorrow in Threshold to discuss the steps we are taking with the Dreamsmith Guild, please take some time to review our scope and goals below, if you are a smith, are a planer, are a creationists, or seek to be one of the three, please be there Tuesday 7dst 03/20/18

What is a Planer?

The belief of a Planer is slightly different than that of a Creationist. Unlike Creationists, and even Dreamers themselves, Planers believe in the life-force of the City of Dreams, they see the city as a living breathing, ever adapting and changing entity. Anything done within the city is because the city either wants it done, or needs it done.
For Underlight Planers believe in 10 Principles of Creation, and Destruction, these guided laws if you will are the foundation to how they operate and why.

Because the city is believed to be alive, Planers will work to communicate with the city, we have evidence that the city responds via actions, or deed, to let citizens that are tuned and listening know what it wants, or needs, and how receptive it is to our wants and needs as well.

From time to time, we visitors have been given tools from the city, or from another of the city in order to build, enhance, reinforce, and repair areas of the city, we are even given blueprints as to how to begin those actions. The mission of a Planer is always first what the city needs and wants, over our own wants and desires.

It’s our belief that our threshold is not the only threshold. We believe that the Unknown and Palisades hold key entry points for other cities with which is used for their own entry into this city, we firmly believe that unless proven beyond a doubt that these dreamers are an enemy to the city, that all beings deserve a chance to experience the city as we do, and will share knowledge between them to enhance our own lives.

Focus on this area has been on and off over the years, we see the area of the Unknown as a Universal Threshold at the height point of the shimmer, that is to say, we believe that the shimmer is a vortex that rotates its entry around the Unknown, and every so often will stop on a various entry point, and stay for a limited amount of time. It’s at the time of stoppage that the two cities are able to interact with one another.

It has become evident over time, that Death in the city is not what we once thought it was. Having seen Struck Dreamers and Mares return from what was once thought of as death, is clearly not what it is. To us we are beginning to see Death as but another journey for the soul to take, and that with enough will and determination, even those killed in battle can one day return to the City of Dreams. One special area of focus is to work to return dreamers killed during the strike wars, and reintegrate them into the city.

We believe that the city is at all times connected to many other cities via the shimmer, we also believe that while some of the cities may pose a threat, for the most part all of them are trying to learn as we are from various visitations, and connections to other cities.

Chaos Eclipse:
It’s our belief that the CE for short is a birth for the city, its how the city expands and grows, attempts to cap off or prevent these from occurring, creates rifts in the fabric of the city, and causes more damage, sometimes hard to repair. We believe that as the city grows, expands and adds for us, it morph’s into a size and shape it needs, in order to accommodate us.

Houses are Anchors. What we mean by that is simple, they are foundations that hold the city together, when houses close, or are closed, those chains are weakened, and cause an influx of chaotic energy unregulated throughout the city. Regardless of beliefs we will as a group work to ensure that houses remain open, and assist when we can in helping others open houses.

These dreamers have always been a mystery, much of what they say versus what they do, provides little substance to how they are able to do, things we otherwise can’t do. The mission of every Planer is to learn the mystery of what makes a specific dreamer and Elder, and to learn and teach the other citizens, so that the reliance on Elders themselves is limited.

This is one of the more advanced areas. The mechanics of this city is vastly different than each city within the shimmer, what that means is that perception and reality collide in Underlight, and that in turn gives substance to the things we perceive we can touch, see, taste, and the like. How we use primes, portals, and arts, fight, and interact with one another are examples of how perception can be seen from so many different viewpoints. When Planers work with Creationists, those ideas come together and the ability to transcend knowledge is achieved.

Signed Golah

What are Creationist?

The concept of Creation is widely argued by many in the city, some based on their own shardic lives, others by the experiences they have developed while visiting Underlight.
For Underlight Creationists, we believe in 5 fundamental truths, relating to our existence within the city, the events that unfold, and the pathways we walk, and discover.

Existence: Without the ability to both forge our minds, and our avatars, would existence still be possible? Yes, we believe so, while it may be chaotic in nature, the ability to exist even without a body form is possible in Underlight, and those varied creations are seen as either chaotic in nature, or unknown in nature, some of which dreamers will attempt to investigate, while others would seek to destroy.

Substance: This goes hand in hand with existence, without substance, both in corporeal form, and soul form, can you still exist within the dream? Again the answer is yes. Substance in traditional notes means to have a abrasive additive to one self, that allows objects to touch, or push through with a resistance nature. As Creationists, we see substance on a degree of levels, both intellectually, and metaphysically, meaning that while you may not have a physical substance to interact with, you may have a mental ability which would in turn allow substance to be added.

Adaption: This one is a little more easy to explain, Adaption is key to the survival, and existence of any living being, both in a dream, and on a shard, this means to have the ability to see changes, or omens if you will, and have a reasonable idea of possible outcomes, and adapting to either prevent, or welcome that change whether for good, or bad. Adaption is the corner stone to what we see as acceptance, and defiance, rolled into one concept.

Sustainment: Can you sustain yourself, even in the face of impending doom; well perhaps not doom per say, but perhaps instead discontent? It’s very easy to see in this dream, how easy one's faith is changed, for power, prestige, and privilege, Creationists, will go where they need to go for the entire City, regardless of the rank or rewards that come, or don’t come because of it. While we currently reside in the Alliance of the Eclipse for example, it’s not because of a faith we share with the members, but rather a mission requirement, to repair, and enhance the house at the request of its rulers. Once that mission is finished we will demote, and move on to the next need.

Mission: What is the mission of a Creationist? We see the City as a Shimmer, or many layers. This means that we have accepted we are not the only city, nor are we the only inhabitants. We believe that Underlight. Is simply a large portal, or hub, a Threshold itself universally placed, where many cities, when they have risen to the knowledge level required, can visit. This simply means we are not the first, nor the last beings to find Underlight. Each monumental shift of the shimmer, or bridge to the cities, is referred to as a Chaos Eclipse, and some fear, some ignore, and others fight these shifts.

This concludes the information relating to Creationists. Next week I will discuss Planers, and how the two work with one another.

Signed Golah
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