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Storage Vaults and Caches

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Storage Vaults and Caches

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Storage Vaults and Caches

Library of Dreams: Off limits to personal items, including tasks, tokens, weapons, etc. The sphere halls will be periodically checked and anything found in the Library that is personal will be removed with no questions asked.

Teaching Guild: Only personal items here are tasks; reward tokens can be placed here as well, but they are at your own risk. If they are stolen there is no way that we can prove you had those to begin with and you will consider it a loss; no weapons or other personal items placed here.

Houses: These will be set and enforced by the Rulers and Seneschals for their respective houses.

Guild Halls: Tasks and guild-related items only, but no personal items such as weapons, personal artifacts, etc.

Public Vaults and Caches: You may leave any items in public vaults or caches; at your own risk. Elders are not responsible if your items are stolen from a public vault or cache.

Trappers Guild and City Guard: The Guild Masters will set rules for their respective guild's storage and will enforce those rules.

*Because of the new implementation of reward tokens, and missions. Houses will now be awarded a key that will go to the locked cache on their plane. (If the house's plane does not have a cache, another one will be assigned to that house.)
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