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UoC has declared war upon DoL

A small ornate wall dotted with pieces of parchment standing at the gateway to the city.
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UoC has declared war upon DoL

Post by Bort » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:19 am

Dear Dreamers,

Tonight I bring to you news of the event that transpired upon the facade of DoL. We of the Light was discussing the details with AoE on our current position within the city and the piece of heart. As such we were informing AoE that we intend to setup another gathering and involve HC with mending the Heart; it is our hope that HC would agree to this and have AoE hold on to the piece of heart. We hope to continue this endeavor as it is imperative to the city itself. During the talks with AoE; Lu Chaos entered the room, surprisingly and for the first time I have ever seen him, he did not say anything against what we were doing or anything beyond that. After a little while longer Harkyn came up to DoL. As we all know these two have been having feuds for a while now. I was continuing my conversation with those present as I heard a chak fire. When I turned I saw Lu chaos move to the side of a blue chakram fire. At this point I went to the other side of the facade to get away from the fight. Those gathered stayed on that side, and Harkyn came to the house side of the bridge and Lu Chaos followed him. I was not paying attention to who was firing upon who, but as I came back to join the others Harkyn decided to get in between other dreamers and use them as shields. As Frey came out of the house he was greeted with a collapse due to the battle. I turned and looked towards Frey as I walked towards the bridge and was collapsed by crossfire. I went to the Illapse Keep Sanctuary to regain my form and joined in the battle, I had Tember get the guests to safety. I went inside my house and did only what I could do; I made power tokens to be used for Dazzle. I dazzled them and they both left the facade. As I went to sanctuary I was informed that Harkyn thought he was let into a trap at DoL.. and he was holding us responsible. So I decided to go towards where Harkyn and Lu Chaos was fighting. An before I could tell them to leave the mountain, Harkyn fired upon me directly, came to me and collapsed me.

Now I know the public disdain for Lu Chaos, and he has earned every bit of it. There is no doubt in that, but the issue is that Harkyn came to the Light and could have left but instead of preventing a fight. He decided to allow the fight, and at that use others as shields in his endeavor to attack Lu Chaos due to their feud.

This is not the first event that saw interruption. Prior to this event at DoL; Krodoc and Dina came to the Light and attacked me. Dina and Krodoc have had opportunities for most of the dream that day to attack me elsewhere.

We will not allow UoC to continue to run a plague, considering their absolute disregard for our house facade. We will not tolerate this action. UoC will be crushed.
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