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Roleplay Support reminders

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Roleplay Support reminders

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To request support simply email roleplaying@underlight.com with date, time and what you are planning to do during your event. This will be reviewed and discussed internally.

If someone is available and volunteers at that time, then your event could be supported. We say "could" because things can come up, this is a volunteer team, and a volunteer has volunteered to support your event (pending something IRL that prevents them from doing so. Please keep this in mind).

Do not hold high expectations or provide a script for the event - We do not plan to follow provided scripts, this allows for a dynamic environment that you and your fellow dreamers can react to.

The in game RP function is not to request support. This comes to a chat where GM's are talking and your request gets spammed, forgotten, lost. The in game function is for follow up, reminders, and if you are doing something spontaneous, but again, we are not always sitting there seeing reports come in and cannot always accommodate, but will be glad to if we are available.

If you would like to request an elder or teachers presence in game. You must use the Notice and Edicts forum as an IC way to reach them.

Please be mindful of these things when you need support.

Thank you,
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