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Oracle Gifts Reminder

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Oracle Gifts Reminder

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I would like to remind all teachers about the eligible oracle gifts for each focus. I've seen a few minor issues as of late where there may be some confusion. While some minor arts are eligible to be gifted to everyone, there are still several minor arts that are only available to each focus specifically. For example: Free Action, Resist Fear, and Protection are eligible oracle gifts ONLY to Gatekeepers. Newly Awakened and Sense Datoken, while both are Insight minor arts, they are available to everyone regardless of focus. Please refresh yourself on the list of approved arts and which focus they apply to.

Oracle's Gift
• Dreamers will be gifted the following arts up to their 3rd plateau.

• DreamSeer
• Dreamblade
• TranceFlame
• Vision
• Chamele
• Judgment
• Identify
• Identify Curse
• Blast

• SoulMaster
• SoulReaper
• FlameSear
• Drain Self
• Purify
• Restore
• Reweave
• Corrupt Essence
• Poison
• Antidote

• FateSender
• FateSlayer
• FlameRuin
• Deafen
• Scare
• Stagger
• Paralyze

• GateKeeper
• GateSmasher
• FlameShaft
• Free Action
• Resist Fear
• Protection
• Ward
• Amulet
• Kinesis
• Sprint

Dreamsoul Arts and Non-Focus Specific Arts
• Birth Arts (Join Party, Random, Give, Show Talisman, Locate Dreamer, Sense Dreamers, Trail, Meditation, Know, Drain Essence
• Essence Arts (Banish Nightmare, Imprison Nightmare, Cleanse Nightmare)
• Push
• Inscribe
• Soul Evoke
• Newly Awakened
• Sense Datoken
• Sacrifice
• Destroy Talisman
• Mind Blank
• Chaos Well
• Recall
• Translocate

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