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Entry 85 - Walkin' on Eggshells

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Entry 85 - Walkin' on Eggshells

Post by Koi-Drama » Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:18 pm

Heeeeeerrrrreee BANDY!

OH WHAT A MYSTERY! I love a good tale filled with intrigue, suspense, and horrendous puns! I can't wait to CRACK this case! Picco is going about unchecked, laying eggs and making nests all over the city! One after another, PLOP PLOP PLOP! It just keeps going and going and going with no end in sight!

The silly children are just babbling on and on about the rights of those eggs. Some in favor of retaining the eggs during and beyond its incubation period while others just want to smash the eggs into oblivion. Oh, there is even talk of war over the eggs. I do admit if this is part of an evil plot hatched by the beasts, its a devious one at that. Meanwhile, all this sensationalism over those eggs builds up an appetite.

I am sure one or two eggs won't be missed! I have always been one to try new things! I am cultured, refined, and dare I say, a man of great taste! Oh, I may or may not have introduced a foreign component to one of the eggs in the name of experimentation, of advancement, of knowledge! Things have been stale in the ol' City of Dreams. It's time to add some spice to our dreams. They say not to count all of our eggs before they hatch, I'm counting on IT! BANG BANG BANG! I crack myself up sometimes!

Good luck!
Ol' Bandy

P.S. - Watch out for that first step!
“I try to bring the audience's own drama, tears and laughter they know about, to them.”
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