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Entry 84 - Those Left Behind

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Entry 84 - Those Left Behind

Post by Koi-Drama » Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:51 am

Knight Commander of the Templars,

I write these words to thee with a sincere hope that thou shall meet with me at the shores of Il-Armeon, far north of Arret. We must not allow ourselves to fall victim to the folly of our previous leaders. General Zaxun's influence of the Vanguard has faded. We, the Vanguard are renewed with purpose and bereft of malice towards our fellow brothers and sisters of Underlight Primus. We seek to return home although we must address many sins of committed under orders in service to the General.

The Revenants continue to remain as a reminder of the General's mad lust for power under the influence of that unholy weapon. Knight Commander, there is much we much seek to repay in penance and we must begin in the here and now. We can bring unity between our people and return home together. We must undo the existence of the Revenants. We must liberate those cities we allowed to become under the duress of other cities. We must embark on a new crusade if we wish to return home.

Until we meet at Il-Armeon, Knight Commander.

General of the Vanguard
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