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Entry 83 - Breakout

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Entry 83 - Breakout

Post by Koi-Drama » Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:32 am

My old friend, Talberon,

Oh heavens, I wish to thank you for sending Clarion to free me from that dreadful prison. The Ash'tonu captive remains secured in thanks to the Kai warden. The former Consortium managed to secure his staff although their grasp was tentative at best. It remains in the reach of dreamers of the city, Underlight. It would seem that its use has been limited to isolated instances. I would bloody prefer that the staff itself be destroyed but that is something of a feat in itself. Bloody bells.

In my time at the prison, I almost thought myself gone into madness when I witnessed churls running in and out of walls. They seem to go about scavenging for knick-knacks and trinkets. I wondered to myself if I was at the end of my rope at that point. Luckily, our friend arrived in time. As we left the prison, I saw one of those churls looking at me with its eyes fixed on my person. I felt utter despair in that bloke's eyes. It was an absolutely dreadful feeling but Clarion tugged me away like a bloody brute.

I refuse to return to that prison again. Pish posh! It almost cost me my sanity!

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