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Entry 14- War Song

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Entry 14- War Song

Post by Koi-Drama » Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:53 pm

To whom it concerns,

The Vanguard accuses us of failing in our duty to protect the Realm. While they battled a single Kadatorii, we held off a small raiding party of four Kadatorii in the Dorsal Rift. I personally led the charge against their leader, the beast known as Ssvatra—a vile and ruthless combatant. My second-in-command engaged another raiding party in the Cairn of Sorrows. This one led by the Kadatorii beast known as Nadar.)

The Kadatorii beast you encountered in the Barrows had already been defeated by my people and was fleeing after being separated from his group. That is seven Kadatorii to your one. Do not be so quick to judge without knowing the full details of any situation.

The Templars would also accuse of us of holding dreamers against their own will. I assure you that the dreamer you speak of remains with us by choice. She will see you when she wishes and not a moment before - please do not insist on your current course of action.

As you can see, the Kadatorii are testing our resolve and defenses. Also, while the Kadatorii were launching their assaults upon the Realm - the Hota were spotted approaching from a distance. They are not marching alone for they bring in their ranks a chained female dreamer that we have identified as their 'siren'. This creature will summon more of the Hota throughout the RealmScape with her 'songs'. We intend to met them in combat before they can breach our walls and put the Siren out of commission before we are overrun by the Hota.

We are here to stay, gentleman. Underlight is much our home now as it is yours. Realm sweet realm.


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