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Entry 12 - Broken Alliances

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Entry 12 - Broken Alliances

Post by Koi-Drama » Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:12 pm


You have overstepped your boundaries. How can you presume to appoint a group in authority over a place which is not yours to govern? We have welcomed you with open arms and now you seek to police us and make veiled threats against us if we interfere in your plans.

Your arrival into the Dream has caused quite the chain of events. You have destroyed your own Dream and come to our home while leaving a trail for your pets to follow and set their sights upon Underlight. We are threatened by a bunch of cultists and zealots from your home while your group continues to indulge in questionable experiments in our lands. You come and go into the Rifts at your whim and bring back sensational tales and dead dreamers.

You even hold one of our own hostage as she struggles to hold onto the dreamstate. Maybe Zaxun was right. Maybe we have been far too courteous to your faction. We do not recognize this Realm Watch. It is modeled after one of the most corrupt groups that ever existed in our history. Release Sabriela and let us tend to her or we will breach your camp and retrieve her personally.

This is a request, please do not force this issue to escalate any further.

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