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Entry 8 - Divine Retribution

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Entry 8 - Divine Retribution

Post by Koi-Drama » Wed May 14, 2014 11:00 pm

Oh faithless dreamers,

You thought yourselves victorious in the face of our defeat. You destroyed our temple and turned our lord and master into dust. You sought to break us and make us surrender to your mundane ways. You hunted us down and forced us to turn against our beliefs or incur your ire.

It was not enough. Our master has never forsaken us. He carries on in our hearts and lingers on in our thoughts. You did not end us. You did not bring an end to our faith and throughout lost dreams, we heard the echo of his voice in our souls.

We dream among you. As you navigated the rifts and onto these strange lands, we walked every step with you with the blessings of our master. We will stand strong. We will rise. We are the Faithful. The Faithless who choose to persecute us shall perish underneath the heel of his power.

Yield your mind, surrender your heart, and grant him entry into the depths of your soul. The gift of his love is without end. We are the Faithful. Our Faith continues to strengthen with each dream and our numbers continue to swell. Many will be called but only true Faithful will be chosen by his hand.

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