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Entry 66 - Kurenai Decree

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Entry 66 - Kurenai Decree

Post by Koi-Drama » Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:51 pm

Knight Commander Xun'ruk,

I bring news of the decision reached by the Council of Kurenai. The Council has decided by majority of vote that it will NOT be able to offer assistance in your quest for knowledge of the art of DreamStrike nor in assembling the Codex of Immortal Dreams. The Elders have reviewed various sources available of the different cities with knowledge of the art. In the majority of cases, the results were not favorable.

Underlight, held entire wars and offensives behind the art over schools of beliefs, over and over again. Hundreds upon hundreds of dreamers were slain in the name of their beliefs. The masters were known to pass down their knowledge to other dreamers which only causes the numbers of struck victims rise over time. The curse of this knowledge remains within the power it grants and we cannot participate as accessory to this affair.

We desire to keep peace within Kurenai and throughout the DreamScape. The knowledge of this art is not the way. The Council were split almost evenly but the majority has voted against the issue. The matter will not be made available for discussion again any time soon.

I, Sicario, have been asked to return back to Kurenai under orders. I am a dreamer of my word and I have given my word to assist the honorable House of Calenture until my last dream. I shall remain within Underlight against the orders of my Elders. Honor above all.

For Kurenai, I live.
For Calenture, I die.


Second Son of Asesino,
49th Descendent of Cale Dynasty
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