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Entry 65 - Her Majesty Rising

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Entry 65 - Her Majesty Rising

Post by Koi-Drama » Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:35 pm

Master Talberon,

It is with a heavy heart that I accept the position of Centurion within the Realm Watch, Third of that Title. I fear that we must take action with dispatch. General Zaxun continues to threaten the DreamScape through his actions. Knight Templar Xun'rok embarks upon a dangerous line between heroism and villainy. I fear the zeal to end this conflict has eroded his judgment. He has many supporters behind him within the City.

The Revenants continue to be a threat both with in and outside the walls of the City of Underlight. Madame Morganna believes that their continued presence is a threat to the totality of the DreamScape. She believes they are not meant to be and in order for them to exist, they are ripping away at the city to force their presence. General Zaxun knew this and proceeded with their creation in order to bolster his numbers.

We must bring an end to this conflict. We must figure out a way to remove Zaxun from his command and set the Templars and his Revenants free. I fear Sabriela might be lost to us as well. She is a good woman but I fear she has succumbed to the temptation of the knowledge of DreamStrike. There are several pages within the Underlight being horded by the houses. I believe there is enough already present to complete the binder in forming the Codex of Immortal Dreams. We both understand the consequences implied therein.

Lastly, Sharque has regained her title as Queen of the Kadatorii although they continue to identify as Kotoke. My source within Underlight informed me of a vicious battle within the city between beast and dreamers. The mares reclaimed one of the strongholds and evicted several dreamers. If history repeats itself....

Third Centurion of the Realm Watch
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