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Entry 6 - Shattered Dream

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Entry 6 - Shattered Dream

Post by Koi-Drama » Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:18 pm


In your attempt to silence the truth about the Idoaclesians, you have betrayed your own kind. Keltarn’s disappearance will be investigated by the Vanguard. We know that Keltarn was last seen meeting with Talberon. We also know that Keltarn was on verge of revealing invaluable information that would expose the Idoaclesians for what they truly are: savages and barbarians who destroyed their city and now seek to claim Underlight as their own. Your filthy murderous ilk belong in the same class as the Idoaclesians. I will not care whether you wear the Templar uniform or the tattered rags concealing the Idoaclesians, in the eyes of the Vanguard you will be treated as the murderers and criminals you have shown yourselves to be all along.

For this, you will be given no quarter within the City. The neutrality of the Lambent is lifted by my hand. You will no longer enjoy the benefits of coherent avatars. We will destroy every sanctuary within the City if we must to see your end. Your so called ‘dream’ will become a true nightmare. You will pay for your Apostasy, your defiance and your criminal acts.

Let it be known, by decree: wherever the Templars, Idoaclesians, or their known collaborators set foot, upon, shall immediately become a theater of war. Keltarn’s murder will be avenged by purging your kind once and for all.

On behalf of the Vanguard,

General of the Illuminated Vanguard
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