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Entry 60 - A Pleading Thought

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Entry 60 - A Pleading Thought

Post by Koi-Drama » Thu May 19, 2016 2:06 am


I implore you to halt your advance onto Underlight. You seek to march upon our home and destroy everything we help rebuilt. You have been driven mad with the constant pursuit of revenge poisoning your mind. The events of that dreadful night were not your fault. You must not continue further with your plans. It is not too late to turn around and undo your actions.

Many dreams ago, we gathered together to rebuild Underlight in the aftermath of the Lyran Exodus. You lead us against the Kadatori Royal Family and their brood. You helped us rid ourselves of the DreamStrike threat. You united the Vanguard and the Templars during the Arretian Wars. You were a hero to our people, to our city, to the DreamScape itself.

Alas, the events of that night would set you on a different path. You became angry. You became consumed with hatred. You became Zaxun the Tyrant. Do you ever wonder what would become of her? Do you ever take a moment to think if she would be happy about your actions? Do you ever visit her resting place within the Barrows?

Zaxun, I implore you again to reconsider your actions. I write to you not as the Centurion of the Realm Watch, but as a woman whom once held a special place in your heart. I write to you as that woman that you once swore to give the world to and forever promise to guard it. With each step you take closer to our home with the intent of destroying it, you trample upon my heart. If not for me, then reconsider for her.

I have heard reports of your growing army. You know this is wrong. I am not terrified by your growing numbers nor the potential for defeat. I am terrified that you genuinely believe this is the right course of action.

It is never too late...

- Sabriela
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