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Entry 3 - Shades of Truth

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Entry 3 - Shades of Truth

Post by Koi-Drama » Sun Mar 16, 2014 10:14 pm


In the face of this conflict, we stand as an independent force. We shall not submit to the threats of the Vanguard, nor to the manipulations of the Templars. We only seek to rebuild what we have lost and assist you in fortifying this realm against the forces of chaos that threaten the totality of the DreamScape. Balance must be restored on all levels. Events are taking shape which mirror events that transpired in our own realm. Because of our indifference and arrogance, we lost friends, homes, and everything that we had built. In order to save our legacy, we had to destroy our realm to prevent our enemies from growing stronger against the entire DreamScape.

You must put aside your petty differences and take action before it is too late. It began with the collapse of the fortifications and will progress with the degradation of the shells that protect your orb-spheres. The strongest of dreamers will not be immune to this loss of strength and skill. The barriers between realms will weaken and those long lost to you will walk among your kind again. These events will foreshadow the darkness that is to come and consume your realm if you choose to remain divided.

In the midst of these trials, your kind continues to hunt us down as if we were criminals and vagrants. We do not stand defenseless. We will protect ourselves against your aggressions. However, we would prefer to assist you and your kind, Lyrans.

You may believe that we that we are small in number but our resolve will be far greater than anything you have witnessed in your collective dreams. Do not force us to take a course of action you will regret. Let us work together towards ending this threat once and for all.

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