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Entry 59 - Silencing of a Siren

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Entry 59 - Silencing of a Siren

Post by Koi-Drama » Fri Apr 29, 2016 5:13 pm


It is unfortunate that I must write to you with bad news. Despite our efforts, we were too late to help the Shinarrians in defense of the Sirens. Bandaret's recent attacks were a mere diversion to test their defenses. The Vanguard struck all three Sirens with timed precision. Daska and Kael of the Consortium were reported to assist the Vanguard throughout the attacks. Lothrick is rumored to have been at their side although reports were conflicting from various sources.

There is something far more disturbing that I must include in my report. Zaxun's forces have grown at a considerable rate. What we once thought were but a small horde of survivors now seems to be a growing legion of followers. We do not know for sure how Zaxun has accomplished such a feat but no doubt with the attacks on the Sirens, he may finally have discovered a way to lift the shroud over Underlight.

We are meeting with Tal'shiar as soon as possible to formulate our next course of action. The Sirens are badly injured and the numbers of their protectors have dwindled a considerable amount. As Zaxun's forces grows, our own numbers continue to shrink. In light of this, I must inquire about your visit to Kurenai. Send word as you are able as we continue to hope for shifting tides in this conflict.

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