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Entry: 108 Last Hope

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Entry: 108 Last Hope

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As this letter reaches you at a point in time that is unknown to me, your name could be any amongst the history books. These our desperate times, the rubicon ring is all we have left and is our last stand. All the planes and houses of our beloved City have fallen. We send this letter out through the last remaining time portal in hopes it reaches you and you can prevent the future from unfolding. We are but a few left and we fear our days have dwindled down to hours. They entered through the sewers about six months ago, our weapons were useless and our arts were but an annoyance. They started in on the open houses first, destroying the homes themselves. The members, they had no chance, the monsters carried with them a weapon we had never seen before, we are calling it the Soul Stone as it ripped the very avatar permanently from every dreamer it came in contact with. And then the bastard with them DreamStruck everyone who was stipped of their avatar. He didn't speak, merely swung his club at their soulsphere and laughed like a maniac each time, his eyes seemingly devoid of life. We desperately call upon you, in your place in time, to stop this maniac, to prevent these monsters from making their way thru the sewers. You are our last hope, I hope this letter finds you in time, before it is too late.

Agnar Firestone
Captain of the CIty Guard
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