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Entry 98: Vigilance in Darkness

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Entry 98: Vigilance in Darkness

Post by Koi-Drama »

Honorable Marshal,

I regret to inform you of a series of tragic and unfortunate events that have befallen one of your peers. I shall not go into details for the sake of brevity but I fear that the matter of "unfinished business" you inquired about has concluded with your elder master teacher friend. I can only divulge that his conviction and integrity outlasted the coherence of both his avatar and sphere. The culpable party has fled back into the deep embrace of the forbidden ruins of the lost city. We cannot give pursuit onto those lands unless we seek to forfeit the pacification of the Arbiters.

It is a perilous situation we are faced with, Lord Marshal. I know you would seek justice for your friend and I know that there is not much I could do to stop you. There is the matter of the accords signed long ago between your people and the Arbiters. If you would seek to abandon reason in your grief, it could serve as a catalyst into the tentative peace we have briefly known in our realms.

We will hold quarters and maintain vigilance around the lost city. I am a man of patience and I have yet to find any other to breach its limits. If the suspect emerges, we shall apprehend him. It is our goal to seek finality to this matter without invoking the ire of the Arbiters. Failure would complicate matters ever so.

Keep everlasting watch, my old friend.

Fourth Centurion of the Realm Watch
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