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Entry 94- Arretian Arrival

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Entry 94- Arretian Arrival

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High Council,

We have completed our journey from Arret and have arrived in Underlight. Our intel was correct and Doctor Grave has indeed fled to the city. We located him, but several dreamers interfered in our apprehension of the Doctor, allowing him to flee. It seems he has already begun his “experiments” in this city. You have my pledge that we will not allow a repeat of what happened in Valora.

It seems that there are even a few refugees from Ideoclease here who escaped their self inflicted “purge” of their city. I have instructed Jerusalis and Zurishaddai to commence scanning dreamers for any outstanding warrants.

We may be here longer than intended because of the resistance we have encountered from the citizens of Underlight. We have set up a base of operations. Attached to this notice is form 3.23.BA requesting clearance for a logistical supply portal being established. As well as forms 7.45.C and 7.45.D requesting the processing of priorly mentioned form 3.23.BA be expedited and a waiver granted for the exemption of the public inquiry period for the priorly mentioned form 3.23.BA.

- Supreme General Garilus
Crescent Command

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