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Entry 91- The Gauntlet

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Entry 91- The Gauntlet

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Dear Moron Valencia

I guess that’s what the M stands for, I didn’t really care enough to catch your name. Did I not make myself clear? You and yours aren’t welcome in Underlight. I found one of your little clues, clever, but you’ll notice the sword is still there.

Did you really think the dreamers would work together to rebuild the gauntlet? I didn’t even need to hide the glove and gems, I could have just passed the pieces out to each house and they would have never come to any agreement on rebuilding the gauntlet and who would possess it once it was built.

You did even better! All but the insight gem rest at the Monastery and no way in hell anyone is giving the last gem to them! If you can even find their members. Maybe check up at the Alliance or Lower Basin of Stars? They certainly aren’t actively looking for the missing gem. Spoiler Alert: It’s at the Lost Caves. Or maybe the Edgeward Stronghold now. Same difference. Just an excuse to have more vaults.

Next time I see you in MY city, will be your last. My club is lonely, gotta go find something to feed her.

~Eldryck Venym
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