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Entry 89 - Other Side of the Looking Glass

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Entry 89 - Other Side of the Looking Glass

Post by Koi-Drama » Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:21 am

Lord Commander,

I have done as thy have asked of me, my lord. I have concluded my initial findings with regards to the forsaken city of dreams although I do require more time to investigate other concerns that may require an intervention. The pressing matter of the encroaching army of revenants at our doorsteps may have some roots here, however, I have determined the people of this city do not possess the ability to bring about their inception. Therefore, I find it even more improbable they are able to exert any type of influence on the revenants. A few revenants remain behind in their city in an area known as the Palisades. The revenants I have encountered here are considerably weaker but exhibit the same aggressive behavior as their counterparts in the DreamScape.

I have managed to piece together more information about the revenants although some of the research is alarming. The revenants seem to have been created by a powerful artifact known as the Mace of Castigation. There are several conflicting histories purporting to the creation of the artifact which leads me to speculate that several other artifacts might have carried the namesake. Depending on whom you choose to believe, the item was either originally created in the city of Idoaclesia or at the hands of the notorious Silk Nuvas. The conflicting information makes it very difficult to establish an accurate chain of custody as it relates to the mace or maces.

As you may remember, my lord, one General Zaxun came into possession of the above-mentioned weapon and was able to build unto his army in preparation for an invasion force against his own city. Prior to that, Zaxun seemed to have dealings with Nuvas regarding his acquisition of the artifact. There is also evidence to suggest that entity known as Bandaret of the Ash'tonu Compact may also have played a part in the General's machinations. The destruction of the purported mace in the Conclave of their city triggered a massive displacement of energy gathered by the utilization of the artifact which has drawn the revenants' attention towards our city.

It is evident that someone has designated Underlight as a theatre of war and many events transpiring are not acts of random circumstances. I will continue to utilize surveillance and update my findings to you, my lord. I hope thy find these words to some degree of comfort and addressing the concerns of our people.

- I.X.
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