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On Player Mares

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On Player Mares

Post by Koi-Raven »


The introduction of a new program or policy has a tendency to reveal unintended consequences or novel issues. The re-emergence of Player Mares through the Rise of the Datoken event is no exception. Following the launch of this event we have both received reports and personally observed some players engaging in actions that cut against the spirit/intention of the Player Mare system. To this point we have not taken decisive action because our expectations were not spelled out clearly. This post serves that function.

Purpose of Player Mares:

The intent of Player Mares within Clash of Dreams is to offer our players a chance to step outside of their normal characters/routines and experience what it is like to drive a vessel of chaos for brief periods of time. In this iteration of the dream city we have chosen to enhance this experience further by bringing Player Mares into the roleplaying fold of an overarching storyline. Much like their Dark Mare counterparts, Player Mares are expected to adhere to their ultimate role within the city by following one simple rule: Engage the players in order to provide a rewarding combat experience.

Actions that do not comport with this vision are generally unacceptable and should be avoided. While I cannot spell out a list of rules that is all encompassing, a general rule of thumb is 'if you think it goes against the vision of Pmares, it probably does and shouldn't be done'.

With this in mind I wanted to list the two most common things that we have observed that fit this description:
  1. Purposefully collapsing yourself, via Sanctuary or allowing an NPC mare to get the collapse
  2. Giving "Free" experience to friends and 'significant others'
To be clear, it is unacceptable to deny the experience associated with collapse to players who have invested time, energy, and resources into a battle with the Player Mare. It is also unacceptable to utilize your Player Mare as an "experience pinata" by allowing your friends or 'significant others' the ability to collapse you with no/minimal effort.

Now that this warning has been issued, expect that we will no longer hold back from punishing unacceptable actions that we observe/identify. If there are any questions, I can be reached at abuse@underlight.com

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Re: On Player Mares

Post by Koi-JorKyrin »

Tacking on to this..

Today the KoiWare team has ruled the following: Any dreamers that create a second (or more) account(s) for the sole purpose of obtaining more player mare time (creating multiple pmares) will be seen in violation of the first rule of Underlight "Be Honest with the Software". The pmare accounts found on today's clean-up, will be disabled and a warning will be issued to the primary account's record.

Future Infractions: Suspension of at least a week or more will be instated on the primary dreamer's account if found in violation from this posting onward. Suspension length will grow with # of infractions.

If you have any questions, you can inquire at abuse@underlight.com
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