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Important Notice! Server Re-tooling Downtime! (2 weeks)

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Important Notice! Server Re-tooling Downtime! (2 weeks)

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Underlight will be undergoing a re-tooling process for two weeks. What does this mean? Between November 20th, and December 1st, the Underlight game server will be inaccessible. The website, forums, and wiki will still be available.

The GMs will take this time to put together new role-plays and story lines, as part of our internal reset (no, not a character wipe, calm down!). Moreover, December 1st will be UL v3.1.15's release date. We will drop the release notes a day before re-tooling concludes. We realize this will be a long time-frame to have UL offline, which is why we will have our Steam store page's "Play / Install" button removed during the duration.

If you have any concerns or questions, you know where to find us:


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