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House/Guild Rules (UPDATE! 5-16-20)

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House/Guild Rules (UPDATE! 5-16-20)

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Effective 5-16-20 the following Rules will become actively enforced.

Opening a House
  • 6 uncrested Members
  • 30,000 strength
  • Purpose/Belief Structure for the house
    • Interested parties seeking to open a house should approach a House Caretaker within the City. Once you have expressed interest you will be given a vessel to store strength in. This vessel is not your House Prime, it is nothing more than a container used to pay for the initial cost of opening the House. Once you have gathered the necessary members, strength, and have a belief structure (or purpose for the house, which goes beyond "a place for us to hang out and store our items) you shall once again seek out a House Caretaker. When opening your house you should have the membership ranks already worked out, so as not to frivolously spend a Caretaker's time. All 10 members must be initiated within -one- week, else the house will be closed.
House Upkeep
  • 6 single crested members
    • Should this requirement not be met, a warning will be issued by a House Caretaker, following which all house members will be ejected and the House will close at the beginning of the following month.
  • Prime Strength greater than zero
    • Should this requirement not be met, all house members will be ejected and the house will close immediately, without warning.
  • Purpose/Belief Structure for the house
    • Should this requirement not be met, warnings will be issued, in an attempt to bolster participation in the roleplaying environment. Should the warnings go unheeded, the house will be closed at the discretion of the RP Team, via "closed-door" majority vote. This can take place at any time, should the RP Team decide a House has become stagnant.
House Guides
House guides can be requested at any time. You would need to send in your reasoning. One would be appointed to you within 30 days.

Opening a Guild
Click Here for Guild Rules and UpKeep
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