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Underlight Hotfix - Released 1-19-2019

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Underlight Hotfix - Released 1-19-2019

Post by Koi-JorKyrin » Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:15 pm

Good afternoon!

This hotfix covers the following:

v3.1.11.3 - Released 1-19-2019
- Koi: Derelect Keep renamed to Dreamers of Light; Renamed room Derelic Keep Hall to Dreamers Keep Hall
- Koi: Illipse Threshold Room: Renamed to Dreamers of Light; Sanctuary enabled; DoL flags restored (And in Nexus)
- Koi & OpenUL: GameD crash fixes
- OpenUL: Newly Anouncement: Bug fix where some dreamers were erroneously newly announced
- OpenUL: Whisper bug: Whispers would go to another dreamer with a similiar name, causing confusion.
- Koi: Textures.rlm: Recompiled - This was necessary in order to bring consistency back to KoiWare's client assets. That is, in order to move forward with new future textures. | NOTE: Please keep an eye out for any crashing rooms upon entry, or when looking at a specific wall/direction. We will address those issues within future hotfixes.
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