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Underlight Hotfix - Releases 1-2-2019

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Underlight Hotfix - Releases 1-2-2019

Post by Koi-JorKyrin » Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:37 pm

Good evening folks,

Hotfix v3.1.11.2 will be released on the evening of 1-2-2019. See below for the much needed fixes:

- Koi & OpenUL: Server fix: Game server would crash causing players on the effected game server to drop connection and be presented with the following message: "We're sorry but Underlight has lost its server connection - please check that you are connected to your ISP and try again". At that point the player would not be able to log back in stating they are already logged in and to wait 15 minutes (ghosted). There could be more issues like this, but this will certainly reduce the storming and ghosting.
- Koi & OpenUL: Client fix: When using the library mission/quest board (and possibly other scenarios) the client would crash, sometimes ghosting the player.
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