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House Rule Change

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House Rule Change

Post by Koi-Lupine » Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:24 pm

Previously, your character could pay a caretaker x_amount of strength in order to "lock" portals within your houses. This policy has been deemed disruptive to the purpose of the houses and all disabled portals from inside all -open- houses will be removed (closed houses locked for role-play reasons will remain that way).

This service will no longer be offered by Caretaker characters and should not be asked for.

I've decided to inform you of this change rather than just doing it and letting you figure it out on your own. Allowing for the partitioning of houses, thereby creating divisions within the houses, will henceforth cease.

If you have stored items inside rooms that would normally not be locked to a rank/crest, I recommend you relocate them immediately.

"Guilds" are not affected by this rule change.

Thank you,

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