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IMPORTANT: Terms of Service

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IMPORTANT: Terms of Service

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Greetings all!
As some of you may be aware, the new GDPR regulations in Europe have required many companies to adjust their Terms of Service agreements. Underlight is no exception to this rule, and we have worked tirelessly re-writing Underlight's Terms of Service to meet the requirements of GDPR so we could once again welcome European dreamers.

"Scribble? Why is this important to me?"
Well, even if you're not in the EU, the new Terms of Service agreement still applies to you, so you need to know and understand what you are agreeing to and how your information is used. As of this announcement, any continued use of ANY KoiWare services (The game Underlight, the forums, etc) will be considered acceptance of the new Terms of Service and Privacy agreements. We encourage you to read it thoroughly, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Support@Underlight.com.

The new Terms of Service can be found on the Info tab of the Underlight website, as well as on the game's launcher if you download the new .exe from the Underlight website.


Thank you, and happy dreaming.
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