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Discord Moderation and Unfortunate Events

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Discord Moderation and Unfortunate Events

Post by Koi-Scribble » Sat Jun 16, 2018 8:59 pm

Players of Underlight,
We at KoiWare believe that people should have the freedom to interact in an open forum without to many rules and restrictions. We do not feel the need to moderate this community heavily.

However, as of late we have found that the negative, toxic behavior in the Discord and the forums has been absolutely unacceptable. In-character actions should not result in out-of-character toxicity. Players and gamemasters are all expected to behave with the kind of conduct expected of adults. According to the recent survey, one of the survey results that received an overwhelming response was, "With changes, Underlight can attract a wider player base than it currently has." This question received a 95.3% positive response in agreement. Independent surveys conducted by the PR Team have also found that "player toxicity" is a key factor in driving players away from this community and is just as prominent, if not more so, than some of the mechanical issues with Underlight.

In response to this feedback, KoiWare has decided to take steps to increase moderation of the OOC channels (Forums, Discord, etcetera) to reduce the toxicity.

The official Underlight Discord, forums and other OOC communication methods are places for ALL players whether they be new, returning, or current, and all users of these services are subject to the three rules of Underlight. Users of these services should feel free to share their beliefs, opinions or ideas without personal attack from members of this community.

KoiWare, in an effort to reduce the toxic behavior on these open communication channels, we are increasing moderation. Users demonstrating this sort of behavior will be subject to temporary muting, and/or temporary banning from KoiWare services.

Sadly, today KoiWare moderators in the Official Underlight Discord have had to exercise this moderation, temporarily banning two players who were insistent on being aggressive and toxic to both players and KoiWare moderators in the public chat. We regret that it has had to come to this, but we simply cannot allow for this behavior to continue. We hope that moving forward we will not have to exercise such moderation to keep a positive environment within all OOC communication services provided by KoiWare.

KoiWare thanks you for your time and patience, and hopes that we will have a positive experience moving forward.
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