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House Mechanics Update 5/18/18 - Please Read!

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House Mechanics Update 5/18/18 - Please Read!

Post by Koi-Palloi » Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:47 am

Updated House Opening Requirements

● 10 single crested dreamers to open the House
● 30,000 strength minimum requirement
● House Quest completed: Non-Prime related
● IC House Submission to Player Forums (including beliefs, purpose, et cetera)
● OOC Faction Submission Report (Link: https://underlight.com/faction-submission/)
● House belief (Banish, Imprison, Cleansing) is required to be determined prior to opening

Updated House Maintenance Requirements

● 8 single crested dreamers active* in House for ONE MONTH after opening
● No minimum dreamer requirement to maintain an Open House after the first month
● If Prime strength reaches ZERO at ANY time after opening; House immediately closes

* active defined as dreaming within the past fourteen days

Updated Guild Opening Requirements

● 5 dedicated dreamers
● Guild Collector received
● 10,000 strength minimum requirement (in addition to the cost of construction)
● IC Guild Submission to Player Forums (including beliefs, purpose, et cetera)
● OOC Faction Submission Report (Link: https://underlight.com/faction-submission/)

Updated Guild Maintenance Requirements

● Total Guild membership cannot belong to a single House and must contain a variety of dreamers
● Guild location cannot be placed in an area that blocks direct access through a plane
● Guild location cannot contain “Public” rooms or locations (Dueler Arena, Ballroom, Threshold...)
● Guild can total a maximum of FIVE room locations
● Costs: 5000 strength per “normal” room locked, 7500 strength for rooms with special properties
(Sanctuaries, Cache locations, et cetera), FIVE keys provided upon payment of costs
● Additional Key Costs: additional keys will cost 500 strength, per Key, to create
● Guild Energy Collector MUST remain within the boundaries of the Guild location. Removal or loss
of Energy Collector will result in the immediate dissolution of the guild
● If Guild Energy Collector reaches ZERO at ANY time after opening; Guild immediately dissolves

House/Guild RP information

● House Primes and Guild Energy Collectors are unique artifacts that are now more “alive” than they
have been in prior renditions of UnderLight. Houses/Guilds, along with their various locations and
benefits now require direct strength to be maintained and kept in good working order. Anticipate
drains of strength from the overall total of strength contained within the House Prime or Guild
Energy Collectors on a regular basis to occur. House/Guild strength will be directly impacted by
overall total strength contained within House Primes and Guild Energy Collectors.

● Dual crested dreamers will cause SIGNIFICANT energy drain on a House Prime for BOTH
Houses to which the dual crested dreamer belongs. The reasons behind this are to promote devotion
to a single faction and to reduce potential instances of cross-over and malicious intent. Dual cresting
is still completely permitted if the House(s) are willing to pay the associated cost.

● Alternate characters (Alts) will cause a small, but consistent, increase in energy drain on a House
Prime. This increase on strength reduction can be overcome by the consistent playing of alternate
characters on a regular basis. The reasons behind this change is not to discourage the creation or
use of alternate characters which are great in and of themselves but to discourage rarely used
alternate characters from “parking” in a House.

● Guilds are NOT considered Houses but a unique alternative. Guild maintenance requirements will
be less than those of a House, though Guild locations will be less secure and easier to assault with a
a more reasonable chance of success.

● Houses and Guilds can interact with House Primes and Guild Energy Collectors in a variety of ways,
and will perform functions that Caretakers have performed in the past, as well as giving House/Guild
quests, imparting special benefits to members and harming enemy dreamers. House Prime and Guild
Energy Collector strength may be utilized in a number of ways that you will need to discover while
in-game, and are unique to the Houses and Guilds of said artifacts. Please utilize the RP report
function to communicate with Houses/Guilds and the associated House Primes or Guild Energy
Collectors directly. Please continue to issue RP emails to (roleplaying@underlight.com) to
communicate intentions for House-related RP events that will utilize the House Prime or Guild
Energy Collectors.

● War Rooms – Houses now feature a War Room going forward. These locations will act as “War
Councils” and will reap weekly to cause specific strength loss for opposing Houses and Guilds when
Factions engage in war. War will need to be PUBLICALLY declared on the Forums for strength
reaping to apply (wars declared by a Ruling member of a House will speak for their ENTIRE
HOUSE without exception). These rooms open up consequences to for war that did not previously

The House and Faction system have been a fundamental element of the gaming landscape and we believe that these changes will breathe new life into this core facet of Underlight and will hopefully yield a more dynamic, fulfilling, and consequential based roleplaying environment for all of our players. To use farming as a metaphor; the magic of Underlight is in the cultivation of great characters and storylines and we believe these changes will help to improve the soil.

Further, we fully understand that the implementation of these changes are fairly large and may have unintended results, so we ask all players to please give these improvements a chance and to exercise patience with a new system that will require revisions and updates as we move forward.

As a community, we are unique in that we collectively find fun and enjoyment in a very specific niche hobby, so I and the rest of the RP team greatly appreciate that of all of our players. As always, if you would like to provide feedback, suggestions, concerns, or simply want to talk; please make sure to use roleplaying@underlight.com and we will get in touch with you as soon as we see your information.
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