Introducing the Underlight Cafe Press Store!

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Introducing the Underlight Cafe Press Store!

Postby Koi-Scribble » Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:40 am

Announcing the Underlight: Clash of Dreams Merch Store!
We have wanted to expand the Underlight store for a long, long time, and now we've finally done it. Though we've kept some of the classic Underlight merch available (such as the shammy), we now also include house merch for you to purchase!

This includes one tone crests, two tone ranked crests (so you can wear your favorite rank), and a fancy crest designed special for each house. We also have an adorable emphant that just wants to be a horron for the little ones.

We have not just shirts, but also jewelry, clocks, and a whole bunch of other merch, so check in at to see what we have available!

"But Scribble! I'm a former DoL or PoR member! Where's my fancy crest?" Don't you worry! We wanted to make sure we launched with the open houses first, but DoL and PoR will be coming soon, along with other interesting designs! Stay tuned!

Questions? Let us know in Discord or at!
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