An Open Apology - Termination

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An Open Apology - Termination

Postby Koi-Drama » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:25 am


I would like to first and foremost offer a sincere apology to the community. Tonight, we were left with no choice but to terminate a member of our community, permanently. When we lose a player, it impacts us all in many different ways because their immediate absence causes ripples in the game's dynamic environment. Unfortunately, there are times when a tough decision has to be made and with a heavy heart, we took action.

The GMs of this team are among the finest individuals I have the pleasure of knowing and they commit hours behind the scenes to provide an environment that is truly one of its kind and at no cost to our community. The process behind the curtain is an extensive labor as hours are invested into discussion, development, coordination, and execution of goals and objectives. Our volunteers pour through emails, reports, quests, and other forms of data to reach out to its community. They also donate their time and talents in coding and artistic contributions to the project.

We just held one of the most successful Fireside Chats over the weekend that lasted over two hours and never fell below 30 players for its duration. We want to design a unique experience for all members of our community. We have developed quite a few strategies towards seeing the community expand. We often hit bumps on the road but we learn as we go along and we are very gracious for the opportunity that the community has entrusted in us to lead Underlight into a new era.

There will be times that some members of the community will express disagreements with our actions and we will sometimes make mistakes and go out of our way to rectify them towards an agreeable solution. We expect our community to hold us accountable at all times and anticipate that our community will present their grievances in a civil manner and provide us with a reasonable timeframe to address a problem, identify the issue, and again, look towards an agreeable solution.

However, when an individual goes above and beyond their way to explicitly spread misinformation, incite negative actions both in and out of the game, and spread libel and calumnies against members of the community, players and GMs alike, we must take action. The trend of this individual has been an on-going issue that we have addressed time and time again, including but not limited to, an upscaling disciplinary plan of action in which the individual was warned would eventually result in termination if they opted to continue with the behavior identified by the GM Team as being problematic for the community.

We take absolutely no satisfaction in being forced to terminate a player from the game and losing a member of the community in the process. We regret that we could not reach an alternate solution at this point but we must move forward.

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