House Opening/Maintaining Requirements

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House Opening/Maintaining Requirements

Postby Koi-Owl » Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:36 pm

Hello Dreamers!

I wanted to share with everyone the requirements for both opening a house as well as maintaining an open house. If you have any question about these, please e-mail

To open a house--
Always inform the GM team of your intentions, plans and expectations via!!
Dreamer(s) should display some sort of belief system.
Dreamer(s) must create, summon, or otherwise produce a prime artifact, once they have an artifact, the essence room will be locked and 10 keys provided. The celebration hall or adequate room will also be locked with 1 separate key from the essence room, where they can safely store their prime.
The prospective group must gather 30,000 strength
The prospective group must have 10 active dreamers following their cause. 6 of them must be uncrested if the organization accepts dual crested members.
The prospective group has 6 weeks from when they receive their keys to open the house.

For a house to remain open--
A house requires 6 active single crested members to remain open. Active is defined as having logged in within the last 15 days.
If membership falls below 6, the house will close within 24 hours.
A house cannot have more than 1 character from the same OOC player.
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