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Importing Characters Process - Update 8/19

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Importing Characters Process - Update 8/19

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Looking to import your previous characters from Lyra or Shades of Truth versions of Underlight? Here are details on how to do it.

First, create a Koiware account by going to http://account.underlight.com.
  • When you make your new KoiWare Account, you will be allowed a maximum of 4 player characters and 1 PMare.
  • You are allowed to import a maximum of 2 previous dream characters from Lyra or SOT (2 characters from 1 version, or 1 character from each version). Of course, you may opt to import just 1.
  • PMares will not be imported.
  • Previous GM characters will not be imported.
Send an e-mail to accounts@underlight.com from the e-mail address you will be using to register your Koiware account with the following information:
  1. Your full name
  2. The e-mail you will be using to register for a KoiWare account (send the e-mail from that address)
  3. The name of the character you wish to import
  4. The Underlight version (Lyra or Shades of Truth) the character is from.
  5. As many details as you can recall about the character including:
    - Last known orbit (be as close as possible)
    - Associated e-mail address
    - Focus
    - Avatar description (does not have to be verbatim)
    - Character login password
    - Any other information you can provide
  6. As many details as you can recall about the owning account including:
    - Account owner's name
    - Billing address
    - Account login username/password
    - Account e-mail address
    - Other character names on the same owner account (including PMare accounts)
    - Any other information you can provide
  7. Any other pertinent information you can provide
Please be aware that without this information to help prove your identity and proof of account ownership, we will be unable to import your old character.

So what will happen when you import a character?
  1. You may lose orbits, but you will keep your last sphere. ALL characters will be reduced to the first orbit of their respective sphere. For example, if you were orbit 57, you will now start at orbit 50.
  2. House ranks and associated arts will not be carried over.
  3. NO inventory or vault items will be carried over. No exceptions.
  4. All arts will be imported with the character with a few exceptions:
    - Teachers will keep their halos and Train levels, but Master Teachers and Sphere teachers will need to meet with a GM MT in-game to discuss relearning those teaching arts.
    - Dream Strike will be removed.
    - DreamSmith and WordSmith marks will be removed.
    - Arts unique to Shades of Truth (Sprint, Nexus Teleport, Enfeeblement, etc.) will be removed.
    - Some minor arts not available to your character in Shades of Truth will be added at a skill of 1.
  5. Any arts that exceed your new orbit will be reduced to match the orbit. All other imported arts will keep their previous skill levels.
  6. Shades of Truth characters will be imported with all-Chalk avatar due to the loss of their additional color options. They may also need to edit avatar descriptions based on space limitations. Lyra characters will have the same avatar colors and descriptions they previously had.
  7. Terminated characters can be imported as the current sphere as of the termination. All arts were purged from the database for all terminated characters, so they will be rebuilt at the discretion of the Koi Team.
Once imported, if you find any discrepancies in your sphere or skill levels, send an email to accounts@underlight.com. Keep in mind, this is no guarantee that these discrepancies will be adjusted if the applicable database does not match your claims. Please include copies of screenshots or logs, or any other pertinent information that provides evidence of your previous sphere and skill levels.

If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know.
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