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Forums Restored

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Forums Restored

Post by Koi-Seeker » Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:48 pm

Dreamers & Underlight Community at Large,

You may have noticed the forums have been reset to August 11, 2016. This is the latest uncompromised archive we could confidently restore from. For the sake of transparency, the measure taken is a direct result of malicious actions by a former high-level teammate. Team members are granted access to fulfill their assigned roles. A select few are granted permission to our highest tier of access which includes our database, forum moderation, master logs, and direct server access. The higher the level of trust the more difficult a task to clean-up should that team member decide to depart under any circumstance. In this instance, we overlooked a shared forum administrator account.

All forum groups and posts, including those reserved for the KoiWare staff, were made publicly available between 11:25pm-12:52am EST. After deactivating the forums and researching the actions of the infiltrator, we are confident the breach stopped here. Your Underlight account, including personally identifiable information and characters are kept securely on a separate server beyond reach.

For any fallout as a repercussion of this harmful act, we as a team apologize. This truly is a loss to us as a team because we depend on your posts, comments, stories, suggestions, and feedback to curate our involvement to further your stories and those of your characters. Rest assured as we all collectively move forward, I will personally do my own due diligence to prevent this type of outright betrayal from happening again to our community.

If you have any questions and concerns about this matter, please email abuse@underlight.com.

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