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Design A Room Contest!

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Design A Room Contest!

Post by Koi-Cryptic »

Hey guys!

I want to throw out a little contest for those who may be interested. Whether you have artistic skills or not, I'd like to put up a little contest for a player designed room for a future patch. Here's how it'll work!

1) You can draw your design yourself, or have a friend draw a description of your design if you aren't particularly gifted in the drawing department. Drawings don't be have to detailed. A basic outline with descriptions works well enough. Imagination is important here!
2) Suggest at least 3 planes where the room could go
3) Give the room a name and purpose
4) Submit your design to roleplaying@underlight.com and put "Room Design Contest Entry" in the subject.

A few things to keep in mind:
1) There are some limitations on where new things can be built in the game, so that's why I'm asking for at least 3 options for which plane the room can go in.
2) The plane that the room is in will determine what set of textures can be used. EX: You can't build a room in the Palisades that has textures from Lambent.
3) This room will be for a future patch, and not this upcoming patch.

Entry deadline is April 1st, 2024.

Once I have all the submissions, I'll be putting up a poll here on the forums that everyone can vote on and the winning design will get built. I'll share updates with the winner as the build progresses and we can RP the build in game once the leg work of actually building it is almost complete. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me in Discord!

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