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Underlight is getting a new home!

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Underlight is getting a new home!

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Dear Players,

Over the next few months, Underlight will be moving to new hardware in a new location. During this transition, you may experience service disruptions to the game or our websites, including underlight.com, the account system, the forums, wiki, our underlight.com email service, etc.

Our Discord and Facebook groups will not be impacted by the move, so one of these avenues will be the best way to find the latest information about the game's availability and contact the KoiWare team.

We expect to complete all migration activities by the end of 2022. In the interim, please "pardon our dust" while we work out technical issues behind the scenes as part of the migration.

The team will have more to share with you in the coming weeks and months, but for now, I just want to reassure you that Underlight is going to continue to operate for the foreseeable future. We have an extremely dedicated and talented team who are committed to keeping this game alive, and we do it all because we know the community still feels a lot of fondness and attachment to the game.

We are a small, tight-knit community of people who share a common dream, many of us having shared this dream since childhood. The KoiWare team just wants our players to know that the dream is still alive, and we're thrilled to invite you to join us, now and in the future.
Underlight Technical Team