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Grieving Players for Kicks

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Grieving Players for Kicks

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Greetings Dreamers,

Nearly every single day we get hit with complaints via email, direct messages or various means of communication when it comes to players who feel they are being unjustly, unfairly or otherwise grieved upon. This is a challenge for us to handle especially if that grieving is "asked" for or provoked. The problem though, continues when the griever doesn't know when to say when. But then additionally the one being grieved upon, continues to poke and prod and thus asking for the grieving to continue. How can we justly slap the hand of the griever if your continually provoking and then claiming innocence. Its hard side war we wage as GMs on a daily basis.

I can simply ask this, if your being grieved or even feel like you are - then STOP poking and prodding. WE can't do anything if you keep asking for it. Some, whom like to grieve, lock in on another player because they know they can stir you up or get under your skin causing you to continue to provoke and thus giving them reason to continue what they are doing.

In short, don't cry wolf if you're throwing sticks at the wolf.

I have never been one of "This is my game so get out!" without typical just cause. That being said, if you're grieving just to grieve for kicks, and we feel as a team that that is happening - we are not a "for profit business". We are the exaggerated equivalent of a D&D campaign on a digital scale with multiple dungeon masters helping direct the story. But if we feel now, as a collective group, that grieving is happening for the pure enjoyment of causing that grief, we may decide that we don't wish to allow you to play in our little campaign any longer for the betterment of the community as a whole.

We need villains and we need hero's and we need people in between, but we are no longer going to tolerate grieving for the pure kicks of it.

Let this be an official warning moving forward.

Brian Clementoni
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