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House Seneschals

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House Seneschals

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Seneschals at the beginning will ‘rule’ over the house until things settle in and will then decide on who should be Ruler. Once Rulers are made, the houses will be in the hands of players. However, if someone is made Ruler and tries to demote everyone or completely alter the beliefs of the house, the Seneschal will step in and prevent that from happening. Their purpose is to drive roleplays within the houses, aid members with the learning and plateauing of house arts, and whatever else may need done. They may host hunting/genning parties or other types of house related events. They will keep the house story on track and will act as mediator for any internal disputes. The Seneschals will be active. These are not Lyra-era Seneschals that show up every few months for a meeting and then disappear again.

I know there will be some that will read this and think, "Oh so the players aren't going to really be in control of the houses and can't make decisions." Yes, they are as long as they stay within the beliefs and story of the house. Could houses change and evolve down the road? Yes they could.

If you have any questions feel free to message me in Discord.
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