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Underlight 3.1.13 - Release Date: 12-21-19 @ 10:00AM

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Underlight 3.1.13 - Release Date: 12-21-19 @ 10:00AM

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Underlight version 3.1.13 to be released on Saturday the 21st

A huge thank you to everyone who put in the hard effort into this patch within KoiWare and OpenUL!

The release will require downtime between 10:00am - 1:00pm ET. Maintenance will also be included on this time frame, so will be longer than usual.

3.1.13 - Release Notes

**Changes / Fixes**
-OpenUL: New Art: Distress Call: See your local elders to learn more!
-OpenUL: Fix: XP gain issue: Dreamers could reach the fake Orbit 100, past Orbit 99 xp ceiling. This has been fixed and unfortunately was a side effect to a prior fix that was put in place a few years ago.
-OpenUL: Enhancement: Proximity Chat distance constant increased allowing for a slightly large squared distance + Removed proximity restrictions for GMs. Elders can be heard anywhere by anyone within the room, and they can hear any non-whisper say/talk from any distance from any dreamer in a room. Dreamers are still bound to this however, see next line..
-OpenUL: Enhancement: Speech Proximity Alert: When dreamers are outside of the above proximity chat distance requirement to hear (see) chat, if there is talking or emoting going on outside earshot, a message will now alert you that you need to move in closer
-OpenUL: House Activities: XP Loss for demotions are now house binding only ---- If the initiator is no longer of House A, and initiated into House B (or just FrS), and the initiated in House A is demoted, the initiator will no longer be penalize XP loss. If you are still part of House A, you will receive a XP loss penalty as it is relevant. (Disclaimer: There will be no XP restorations for past lost XP)
-OpenUL: Enhancement: Give: Now reports who you gave an item to in chat confirmation message. This helps with confusion of giving to wrong person on accident. Receiver can always see who gave them an item by observing the pop-up box at the time of receiving an item to accept.
-Koi: Redesigned and updated the Credits page giving the much needed acknowledgement for all the hard work! (in-game > Esc > Credits Button)
-Koi: Rename functions: "Trigger Switches" bind renamed to "Activate Portal" and "Action" to "Emote".
-Koi: References to Peace Corps renamed to Protectors of the Radiance.
-Koi: Underlight no longer supports Windows XP: Fixed View-port resolution issues related to this change.
-Koi: Fix: PoR portal from PoR Sanctuary to Initiate Missions. Should be member only now, initiate locked.
-Koi: Fix: Portal in Lower Umbric, South Sewer to Albino Caves. 1st sphere lock re-instated.
-Koi: Fix: Portal in East Valley, Gordizo's Grand Entry to Albino Caves. 1st sphere lock re-instated.
-Koi: New: Added City Market.
-Koi: Enhancement: Pagas's Room: Something is lurking here once again. What could it be?
-Koi: Ruined Realm maze reconfigured

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