OOC and You

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OOC and You

Post by Koi-Echelon » Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:15 am

I have been noticing OOC crossover occurring a lot more often than I would like. Any amount at all is wrong, but I have been able to overlook the small amount I've seen, up until now.

What is OOC crossover you ask? There are many ways for you to crossover... here are some examples.

A big one I've been noticing is using knowledge your character shouldn't know...

- Let's say that you hear some people talking about something that is occurring in the game via some third party chat program and you immediately rush into the game with your character fully aware of what is going on. -Clarification: I am not saying you cannot know about an event that is happening in the game because you heard about it outside of the game. This is fine, to share events in this manner and for you to appear at the event and participate in it. What is NOT okay is for your character to appear at an event already in progress and to be fully aware of everything which occurred before you got there. React to an event as if you have no prior knowledge, or experience concerning it and you're fine.

- Someone calls you and says, "You'll never guess what just happened in-game!". You then use this information and write a response to something in the In-Character forums, while your character has no means of knowing this information in the game.

- You heard some information on your alternate character and your main character immediately becomes aware of the situation and reacts to it.

- A friend tells you on Facebook about something they saw happen in-game and your character immediately becomes aware of it and reacts to it.

I could continue listing examples of occurrences I've been seeing (each a slight variation of the last) but I think you can see my point. Any time you take information that you did not specifically discover in-game and use it (with the character who discovered it) you are guilty of crossover. This is becoming an increasing trend and it needs to stop.

Should this behavior continue to become a normal trend steps will be taken to stop it. Please do not force the Team to police the game in this way, but when you use OOC information it diminishes the game for everyone.
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