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The Role and Requirements of All Master Teachers

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The Role and Requirements of All Master Teachers

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The Role and Requirements of All Master Teachers.

A Master Teacher is a Teacher who has progressed to a higher station of teaching. Master Teachers do not serve as superiors to all other teachers, but instead they serve as guides to the teaching community. Master Teachers have greater experience with tasking and handling students and can provide teachers with invaluable insight and advice on how to approach nearly any teaching situation. Master Teachers must help drive initiatives set forth by the Teaching Elder, Azlan. These initiatives can include, but not be limited to, enhancements of arts, creation of arts, focus guild directives, mentoring new and existing teachers, and pushing for the continued progression of their apprentices.

Becoming a Master Teacher

To become a Master Teacher a teacher must meet certain requirements to be considered. Once a teacher meets these requirements, they must schedule an interview with the Teaching Elder, Azlan. The Teaching Elder will confirm eligibility and will then interview the candidate on a variety of teaching-related topics. The Teaching Elder will also take into consideration the past and current continuous efforts of the teacher when making their final decision. If the teacher demonstrates a satisfactory level of knowledge and effort, the Teaching Elder will grant them the art of Train Self.

The Requirements for Master Teacher Eligibility
  • Teachers MUST have a Train level of at least 60
  • Teachers MUST have the art of Sphere
  • Teachers MUST have their MAJOR arts equal to the Train level they currently possess.
    • As an example, a Teacher who has a Train of 70 seeking Master Teacher, MUST have their MAJOR arts plateaued to 70.
    • The only exception to this is Teachers who received their current sphere within the last 30 days and plateaued their Train to their new sphere level. In this instance, their major arts MUST be equal to the previous Train plateau
  • Teachers MUST have at least 6 Dreamsoul arts to a minimum of level 50.
Rules and Regulations for Master Teachers

The following are to be adhered to by all Master Teachers.
  • Master Teachers MUST actively participate in the initiatives set forth by the Teaching Elder. Master Teachers who fall inactive in their duties will have their Train Self removed.

    The initiatives include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Enhancements of arts
    • Creation of arts
    • Focus Guild directives
    • Mentoring new and existing teachers
    • Pushing for the continued progression of their apprentices up until they obtain a Train of 50.
    • Pushing for the progress of all Teachers by offering Train plateau tasks when needed.
    • Teaching related events
  • Master Teachers shall have the same discretion as any other teacher in terms of whom they task or do not task. It is encouraged that a Master Teacher keeps their teaching neutral and available to all, but it is not a requirement.
  • Master Teachers found to be violating or abusing the Teaching System will be reprimanded up to and/or including the removal of Train, Train Self, and Sphere.
Train Self Process

Master Teachers may gain support train tokens by completing mini tasks equal in difficulty to a plateau 10 task. These mini tasks can be written by any Teacher, and does not have to specifically come from another Master Teacher.

Train Self Plateau Token Requirements
  • 2 support train tokens = Plat 10
  • 3 support train tokens = Plats 20-30
  • 4 support train tokens = Plats 40-60
  • 5 support train tokens = Plats 70-90
Convocation of Masters (MT Council)

Rainbow Halos - These are the Elder Master Teachers. The only limitation to what they can teach is they will not teach house arts.
  • Azlan -Teaching Elder
  • Lumira - Dreamsmith Master
  • Zaleria
  • Daxon
Non-Rainbow Halos - These are the non-Elder Master Teachers. They are limited to what their Train and various art levels allow them to teach, plus they are able to give Train plateaus.
  • OfF KiLTeR (DS/FS)
  • Jawsman (GK/FS)
  • Kelos (DS)