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Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2021 11:25 am
by Koi-Cricket
I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving week. The game is scheduled to go live on December 1. If that date changes, we will let you know ASAP.

I know you all have been very anxious about the new version, and I do understand.

We are -in the process- of, writing, working on things, and have some things finalized.

Our intentions are to provide stories and entries beginning this coming up week, that will give you insight into the belief structure of the houses, the story arc, and things happening during the timeline of the shut down to the reawakening.

Here are a few outlined things for your consideration.

- The new version will be called “Reawakening”

- We are giving you things that were provided through the polls and the votes.

- The story arc and house beliefs are being written by the team, and roleplay lead. You will know portions of the story before entering the city December 1st.

- Your character will remember things that happened in their past, why wouldn’t they? Your character will/should/might have an entirely different outlook on the city and characters would have evolved. However; in order for this version to succeed you must do your part and come out of the mindset that we are going into the city just as we came out.

- The majority of you wanted to return with your old character and some who do not. It makes sense that your character was not able to reach the city in x amount of years, but is now able to, along with new dreamers that may find their way to the city. That is why there is an option in place. You choose what is best for -you-. No one should discourage another player into giving up a character they’ve been attached to for 20 years, not even me. I will however put up a poll today in regards to this topic. Also please take into consideration that there is a bonus for those who wish to start fresh. Email us at roleplaying@ for more details.

- Our player base does not accommodate 8 active houses, we all know this. Houses have been opening and closing at a rapid rate over the months. So we have taken the top three votes, and there will be three houses.

- There will be a neutral house, and two houses with opposing beliefs. There will be house seneshals. They will be able to reward players accordingly for activity and roleplays. This may be with xp, reward tokens, or plats. The seneshal will be there to benefit you. He is there for RP support, a house advisor, and guard for the house and plane.

- Each house belief is a hundred years into the future. So according to the timeline, it would make sense that the houses would shift and evolve. If one house is a peaceful house now, it may be completely different 100 years later.

- There will be no Freesoul vs illuminate, we have something brand new that the houses will be in opposition over and believe. Keep in mind, that we are merely laying the platform and guidance. Once the city returns, you as a player have the power to help lead and drive roleplays in any direction.

- Dreamsmith guild will be a total revamp and I am excited for this.

- People have complained about spheres being too hard (active players already know that this was recently changed and you have an option for spheres).

- There will be no more player guilds as we know it. This is still being discussed. But as time has shown, players have been inactive in -some of the guilds- and some have become personal storage vaults or stagnant. I will say though that there are several houses that we have chosen to become specific things: see below.

“Protectors” of Radiance will house the City Guard. It will be ran by players and supported by a specific GM character.

Keepers will become a trappers guild, ran by players and supported by a specific GM character. We have a little something in the upcoming patch for this.

Alliance will house memorial things, and be a place where things are displayed of old or fallen dreamers.

(Dual crest issue is being looked at)

- Oracles to third sphere, arts included.

- Working on the GM side in regards to battle.

-Missions. They will be different from quests as in, you will not go to a teacher for a task. You may stumble upon an alter, click on it and it send you out on a specific quest.

- New smaller areas around the city set up with things to purchase/request/do.

-The enforcer… that’s all I will say about him at this time!

Thank you for hanging in there! Please keep in mind that a lot of the complaints I see rolling in discord, have already been addressed. We are working hard at trying to make this go around a success.

Cricket, Cryptic and the rest of the RP team

Re: Reawakening

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2021 7:27 pm
by Koi-Cricket
Additional information:

Tomorrow you will receive IC information on the three opening houses. Dreamers of Light, House Calenture, and Order of the Sable Moon.

Houses will be either opened, or on the verge of opening, the previous requirements for opening a house will not pertain to the launch of the game.

Wednesday December 1st, there will be a GM lead roleplay sometime around prime time. Something will be posted by RP lead prior to Wednesday with a time.

Rewards will be given out December 1 throughout the night, for those who insert themselves into the story.

Random additions and ideas- Fly Zones, mini markets, Focal tournaments, missions, city guard raids, trappers guild, forgers guild revamped.

Guild hall GM characters for support and GMMT.

New GMMTs, DM's and RP characters.

What to expect….

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2021 1:30 pm
by Koi-Cricket
What to expect…

Tomorrow night when we enter the city, we will each have our own story to tell. You may wish to have your character go with memory loss, or your character has been searching for a way to enter the city.

That story is yours and how you wish to roleplay, is completely up to you.

There will be clues though in regards to story/time gap/etc. Please refer to the entries. In addition to that, once you enter into the city, there will be messages including snippets of information in random thresholds and around. And all three house Seneschals will be dreaming. We don’t want to tell every single thing now because there will be no mystery when we enter the city.

There is roleplay prepared for December 1st.

HC and DoL is stocked with starter items, so everyone is prepared for whatever may happen.😊

All things won’t kick right off the first night back, as in, all new GM characters and/or DMs/ roleplays/missions, may not all start in the first night. But the story definitely will.

Roleplay lead and I will be looking for awesome roleplayers tomorrow night, and will reward accordingly.

Those of you that requested new characters, they will be ready by launch. You will need to add the description and colors for your character. If you see an issue with your character, you can email

Thank you!
Roleplay Team