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Fun? Vdat?

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:03 am
by Tentacle
I want to say thank you to Elmer for posting polls to gather feedback on what sort of activities people like. Thank you.

I also wanted to try and start a dialogue, without snark, about what in general in the game brings you enjoyment. What sort of interaction results in you exiting the game feeling like you're glad you played and that you had a great experience? It's very easy to get in our feelings, become myopic in our perspective, and forget that communication can solve a lot of problems.

  • If you like fighting and conflict, what type of battle and conflict?
  • If you want events, what kind of events and how often?
  • If you enjoy faction content; what sort and how often?

These are just a few basic questions to get us started. Feel free to use them or ignore them entirely and instead discuss in your way. Underlight is a uniquely customizable game with regards to content, so let's talk about what we enjoy and what we think can be done better or differently!

I, for one love, building intimate relationships between characters. I love spending the time deep in conversation, drawing out all the little details and quirks. I love learning about the unique worlds the characters come from. This isn't limited to just PC characters. I get great enjoyment from treating GM characters as unique creatures and setting aside the fact that, I, as a controller, know they're there for a practical reason. I also enjoy conflict. However, I look for unconventional ways to have that conflict. I like tension much more than I like the typical "pew pew pew." Teaching Elders are super important to me. With so much going on at any given time, getting plats is one of the rare ways I feel like I have accomplished something.

I don't like events that place PC's in a position that doesn't allow for interaction. I've always found it super frustrating to have "conflict" that lacks any give and take. Whether it is large scale or interpersonal conflict, I don't like not having ways to resolve it. Getting hit by -75 DRS from a Chakram doesn't feel and mood building as some descriptive emotes. Balance issues, those sucks, there has to be a happy medium found in environmental effects because not everyone is a GM PC, or 8th sphere that has 99 DRS. I don't like the "mini-task" Support Train system. It has, to date, always been impractical for my needs.


Re: Fun? Vdat? Vdere???

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:49 pm
by -Lacie-
This is always both a good and a provocative type of post, but heah... I'm game. I'd like to start with these questions, which I think are good ones:
What in general in the game brings you enjoyment?

In general, I like the freedom of Underlight. If I felt like interacting with folks (rp'ing), I could do that in any given situation or one I might want to start with others. If I felt like being on my own, hunting, genning, or Recharging 10 billion items, I could do that. If I felt like writing in the "perfect setting" for the piece, I could do that. If I feel like starting a war or conflict (gosh, Lacie hasn't done THAT in a while!), I could do that. Freedom. I can't think of another game with that characteristic.

What sort of interaction results in you exiting the game feeling like you're glad you played and that you had a great experience?

All of them. I love both the intellectual and the emotional encounters I have with others. I might be angry when I log off, or sad or excited or.... fill in the blank, but I walk away from the computer feeling that I had a memorable experience. Seeing other rp's and folks really putting forth an effort on their characters, really makes me feel great!

Ok, on to your other 3 questions:

Fighting and Conflict - I have to remain at "no comment" ... for a while longer. I like a justified reason for a good fight. I also want to have the conversations, negotiations, etc. that goes on with any conflict. Without it, it's just pk'ing to me.

"Events" - I HATE this word! There's not much I dislike about UL, but this is ONE word I DETEST. An event is "a thing that happens, especially one of importance." Ok, so that does NOT invite interaction. We need a better word for mini-roleplays ingame. I volunteer for the committee to find a new word.

I do, however, LOVE activities. Even IF some of the people only dream to attend activities, they're still logged on and interacting for a little while. The key to activities (and why I detest the word "event") is to have literal ACTIVITIES, ("a thing that a person or group does or has done"). Activities involve other people DOING something towards a goal.

Regular activities and often.

Faction content - The Eight Great Houses of Underlight aren't so great these dreams. Either there's too much control, or not enough, and I can't decide which. If this really IS a player-driven role-playing game, then the players need the opportunity to make the Houses what THEY want them to be. Conversely, the GM's have to have a set of standards to hold the folks accountable, to keep the houses from becoming club-houses. A real quandary. The Houses are going through growing pains. We have to be both patient and vigilant and open-minded, all at the same time.

As to Dislikes:

The Teaching System needs many improvements. What irks me, is that the Master Teachers won't/can't get this done. The reason .... is because they feel powerless to get things done. I don't know the solution for that.

I also agree that the TrainSelf system is pretty much overkill. It needs an overhaul. Another thing the MT's could be working on.

I would, however, love to have Lacie involved in resolving the problems to the teaching system, as would most, if not all, of the other MT's.


Re: Fun? Vdat?

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:03 pm
by Cianne
Great post Jenn,

I've never enjoyed the conflict aspect of the game too much, and have always had my character(s) associate with everyone, despite
what may be going on between houses etc. I've been in a situation where a house I was in was at war and I'd have a friendly chat with
a foe and then they would say "Sorry, I have to do this you know" then collapse me. That sort, I don't mind.
It is when conflict gets ugly to the point of nasty and vulgar language, insults bordering on OOC crossover, that is when I will distance myself.

Events, love those of course, ones that include participation and ones where I just sit back and enjoy watching what others are doing.

What sort of interaction results in you exiting the game feeling like you're glad you played and that you had a great experience?

If I exit the game and I am not glad that I logged in more than a time or two, that is when it is time for a break. Usually though it is a pretty
great experience.
One of my favorite things to do is watch other people's emotes, some of the things you all "do" are just so hilarious a lot of the time.

The hardest part I think for those of us who have been playing for years, is trying to keep it fresh and find new things to do and come up with
new ideas. I know that is always an issue for me.

I'm really enjoying the Yissen story line right now and that they opened a house and have invited players to join them there, this is new
and great :) Hoping to get a bit more involved in that in the future.


Re: Fun? Vdat? Vdere???

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 4:57 pm
by -Lacie-
Oh the Yissen rp.... now you have my attention!

It was hard to latch onto, hard to begin to understand and hard to keep straight in the mind!

I love it! It's complicated and twisted and confusing.... just like a "dream" should be.

Between that and the new areas that have been found, are both great boosts to the imagination. It helps what Cianne brought up about being able to keep it fresh. This sort of stuff helps a ton to me!

...just sayin'....


Re: Fun? Vdat?

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:25 pm
by Uthanatos
Everyone else was picking a colour...I went with "screw your eyes, green"

On to the topics at hand, for me, the biggest appeal of UL is the history. The history of the Lyran city is pretty well documented and when you are looking for more details on something specific, you can generally find it through research, or specific players when you can pin them down. Idoaclesia's history is a bit of a mess, so it's harder to get complete pictures of things. Regardless, the point is, all these things have history and when you can see where something in current story arcs (player or GM) tie into that history, it draws you in. Well it does for me. You become a PART of that history whether you are building off someone's research, carrying on a name like the City Guard, or drawing inspiration from how so and so defeated so and so two decades ago.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of combat, I'm no slouch, but most of the time it's pointless because of the environment and as we've progressed, it's become less strategic and more chakmonkeying. That being said, the few times I do really enjoy fighting are when it is pivital, high stakes stuff. Like the night we had a horde of DMs breaking into HC to try to get the shadow prime, or fighting strikers. In those moments there is enough gravity behind it to still give you that little adrenaline rush.

Events, I'm really with Lace on the whole "events" tag, it's become something akin to the words, "Mandatory Staff Meeting". Regardless, for lack of a less loaded word to describe the category, players will do what players will do. As far as the team, I would love to see GMs be able to take the time off from their halos to work with specific groups, really help coach and guide them. The wordsmiths have, for the most part, had a GM dedicated to them, however Nessa was the only one that really got truly involved. The Dreamsmiths could use someone like that too, bring it up so that it's more than just a teaching thing and status symbol, but actually work to improve people's forges, as well as focusing on the art itself. Silk Nuvas, or someone like him in mentality would be great for this. Personally, I'd say have Dreiko drive the toon, but most people wouldn't like that. Dreiko has always been a decent forger, but he's an exceptional critic. I, as a player, have improved more than I ever thought possible because of his critiques. They just aren't always kind and soft spoken.

As far as faction content, I've mostly removed myself from that for the time being. The low player base means you end up butting heads with the same people time and time again. Eventually, it colours your view of them. If we had the people to be able to take on a ruler's crest for six months, then pass it on before it became a burden that makes logging in a chore, that would be great, but right now, I just really don't have a solution to that. We've all seen it though, people who haven't been there don't recognize it for what it is, but rulership, or guardianship with an absentee ruler really is draining. I just don't know any way around that.