Depth of Character

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Depth of Character

Postby -Lacie- » Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:43 pm


I have recently been reminded of how little the City of Dreams actually *knows* about Purple Lace. We have a small space to design ourselves, but the rest is, and should be, its own role-play.

So, I thought I'd open a post. What would you want the Citizens of this City to know about your persona? What that scar is about? Why does she only eat "cakes made of cheese" (aka cheesecake)?

And, in the therapeutic style, I'll start.

I drive Purple Lace and I am an ad... oh wait, wrong therapy. :oops:

Lacie doesn't physically have a beating heart. Her insides are dead, totally. She drinks, but only Whiskey, and it takes a LOT to get her loopie (stop giving me half-filled bottles, Vampyro).

Lacie is a Vampyre (had to change the name long ago by Lyra), and she derives sustenance from the energy in the City. People, Mares, the City itself, throw off enough energy to keep her coherent. To thrive... oh wait, gotta talk to her now, sorry.

Ok, your turn. What would you like the rest of us to know about your persona? That scar... those claws... some mannerism? Spill it without ruining it for all of us. Clues work too!

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Re: Depth of Character

Postby Pheasant » Fri Feb 16, 2018 8:23 pm

I've said it a million times: Hael's an introvert with unfortunate resting bitch face, but really a marshmallow on the inside.

While it's not in my description of her, she's made comments about her thick eyebrows every once in a blue moon and worries they make her look masculine (Think, Cara Delevigne). I have no real reason for her hair being so stupidly long. It just is, but I encourage people to talk about it or whatever. It's some really long fabulous hair. ;) Her hair color was originally described as "rose-gold", and I was torn between using sand or plum for her hair color IG. Sand because her hair is really light, or plum to get the idea across that her hair has a pink tint to it. Eventually I went plum. Her red eyes, hair color, and fair, freckled skin have to do with the process of how her kind is "born". The shattered section of her halo was from an event of breached trust and has left more damage that's not completely visible. You just have to pay attention to some of her more subtle behaviors to figure it out! She also shares some similarities to birds, including hollow bones that she's mentioned to a few times. It's no secret she's a seraphim and it's been interesting to hear different takes on angels/celestials/gods from other dreamer's shards.

I really enjoy my character sometimes and put a lot of time and effort into her. There's a lot of other trivia about her, but those have to be learned IG! But hopefully some of the little teasers here will provide some interesting conversation starters should you come across Hael in the City. Or if she comes across you... And doesn't run off in a panic. Lol

Thanks for the fun post idea.
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Re: Depth of Character

Postby Elmer » Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:31 pm

Not too many know about who or what elmer does/is in his waking life, i rarely go into it unless people ask. But he will tell you he is in "law enforcement" and may or may not go into detail depending on who is asking and why, but ultimately it is why he has chosen in his dreams to become completely pacifistic, to escape the violence he experiences while awake.

Edit - hint.
:o 8-)

elmer also suffers from narcolepsy and will suddenly fall into a deep slumber - it is how i have him "trance" when i go afk and usually when he comes around he shouts something ridiculous from the dream he was having within his dream.

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Re: Depth of Character

Postby Gorgunsun » Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:27 am

Gor is an actual wolf on his shard, but inspired by things Arnaya told him, and things Xyn Rhade has shown him, decided to transform in the dream into a human just to try something new. On his shard, of which the landmass is mostly desert though there is a coast, Gor finds work however he can, even though he's done things he's not especially proud of. Working on ships, construction, muscle for hire, catcher, hunter. He tries to do more right in the dream though, as there to him, survival isn't the sole reason to exist. His shardic cynicism is always there though, but in the dream, more muted. He generally likes dreamers more often than not, but if folks purposely try hard enough, they can get on his bad side, though he is fairly quick to forgive.
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Re: Depth of Character

Postby Golah » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:06 am

Golah is from a land where technology and magic collide. Each being is born with a magic talent, Golah's is the ability to travel to distant worlds, and planes of existence. In his late years, Golah created a device that can transfer dreams into other beings in his land, to teach them the dreaming. It's his intent to show his people another way to live, by taking what they learn in the dream and applying it in our shard. Golah has not had an easy life, both in the dream and his shard, over the years of love, and loss, he has changed and began to focus more on Energy, and Creation.

That is when a few years back he created the Planer Creationists. In his travels, Golah has learned that War and Peace are Yin and Yang, and while he understands the parts each play, he has dedicated himself to Peace in order to facilitate growth. Golah leads his dream, and his people with ideas and beliefs similar to that of the Alliance, and while Peace is his goal, he is not a Pacifist, he is simply Non-Violent to Dreamers.

In his Land Golah teachs Magic and mystical flow, the ability to combine magic, talents, and arts, into new and interesting combination transmutations, with which new powers and new arts are created, and with his new ability to teach others in his shard how to reach the dreaming, he intends to do the same in Underlight to combine raw energy and talent, and combine them into new arts and powers, he does this through Planer Mechanics, and alternative teaching, to show that Creation in of itself is not limited to the power or arts a dreamer has, but in their faith and commitment to explore all walks of energy itself.

And that is Golah Abridged Version.
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Re: Depth of Character

Postby Starling » Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:07 pm

Starling, Starling, Starling....

Ever hopeful, pleasant and understanding - focusing on purpose, patience, perseverance and order within the dream. She's also very patient, observant and a bit reserved (unless you whisper something silly to her).

Starling lives a simple life on her shard - if you interact with her, you may hear her talk about her family's farm - her horses, chicken and goats - or the mountains and rivers that surround her family's land. She loves her shard life and she doesn't dream to escape it.

She dreams because she loves the idea of interacting with others from far away lands. Their personalities, ideas and stories intrigue her since they are so different from her own.

She has an open mind with everyone she encounters, as she believes that everyone has the opportunity to do good and to grow in positive, virtuous ways. She thinks that interactions (be they with a dreamer, mare or anything else within the city) are a large determining factor in what can drive a dreamer to choose to do good vs bad.

She knows she can't control every outcome of every interaction for every dreamer, so in order to do as much good as she can, she focuses on what she can control - which is to ensure a positive experience with everyone SHE interacts with. And, if she is successful, then she feels content knowing that she provided at least one positive interaction for that individual, that dream.

Starling is not a fan of unpleasant things and will inform you that, if her dreams begin to worry or scare her beyond which she is comfortable (and turn into nightmares), then she will focus her sleeping mind on someplace else, as she did many years ago during the FreeSoul vs. Illuminate wars. She's not a quitter who will just abandon the ship when times get tough, but she does control her dreaming mind and won't allow too many negative interactions to take her down a harrowing path.
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