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In-Game Reports

This out of character forum is for discussion of roleplaying, how to roleplay and roleplay coordination.
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In-Game Reports

Post by Koi-Drama » Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:18 pm


We strongly encourage the community to utilize the tools they have to communicate with the Koi-Team for a plethora of purposes. The most effective means to communicate with the team is via the In-Game Reports (Cheat, Bugs, and Roleplay). The reports are received in real-time by us via a chat interface and documented for review. Cheat reports are viewed exclusively by the Rules Enforcement Team. The Bug reports are viewed by the Dev Team and testers. And lastly, the Roleplay reports are viewed by the In-Game Support GMs.

We put no limit cap on the amount of reports players can submit. Is there an issue you are experiencing in the game that you think a member of the team should look at, please feel free to submit a report and be as detailed as possible so that the Dev Team is able to potentially replicate the issue and address it.

Do you suspect someone is potentially attempting to abuse the software or conducting themselves in a manner that goes against the Three Golden Rules, please feel free to submit a report with detailed information including a summary with dates and times. Additionally, player submitted logs will help the RE Team compare information and isolate pertinent information with dispatch to assist in inquiries and investigations.

Lastly, do you see something that might need a GM's attention or support, let us know! Send us current events, recognition for other community members, and more!

However, some members of the community have taken it upon themselves to utilize these functions to insult, harass, and outright hurl profanities at members of the Koi-Team. I will absolutely NOT tolerate the continuation of this behavior from any member of the community. This behavior is directly in conflict with the second golden rule of the game. When an individual willingly chooses to conduct themselves in this matter, they seek to minimize the morale of the team towards their own selfish purpose. It will stop or we will take the necessary action(s) to prevent this behavior.
Golden Rules of Underlight wrote:The Second Rule -- "Respect Others"
Keep your behavior appropriate at all times. If your language or behavior repeatedly annoys or offends others, you will be banned from playing. We place no limits on the use of language. Consenting adults are free to engage in any language or behavior they mutually agree to. Inappropriate behavior includes attacking other players without a valid 'in-game reason', using unnecessarily offensive language, annoying others with out of character chat, excessive begging, etc.
From this point forward, we will be handling this type of behavior in the following method.

First Offense - The offending player will be issued a warning to cease their behavior. This warning will be documented with an individualized tracker that will record the date and time of the infraction along with log snippet of warning to the individual.

Second Offense - The offending player will be suspended from all game services (servers and forums) for a period no less than 15 days but no more than 30 days. The infraction will be documented and reflected in the database to automatically lift suspension(s) on all character under the player's account. There is no need to contact the team about lifting suspensions prematurely.

Third Offense - The offending player will have all characters terminated and be banned from all games services, no exceptions.

In closing, our team may not be perfect and it is a continuous progress in motion. All members of the Koi-Team have real-life obligations and responsibilities that take priority over the game. Every member of the KoiWare Team is a volunteer with a shared passion for the game. We work together to keep this project moving forward. There may be times when disagreements may develop but we remain committed together to see the Dream prosper.

I would respectfully request that we avoid suspending or terminating anyone in the community for this reason as we are all adults and can engage in civil discussions without resorting to childish name-calling and behavior lacking in etiquette and courtesy.

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