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New Advisor House Rank

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New Advisor House Rank

Post by Koi-Shadow » Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:18 pm

With the last patch, a new house rank has been introduced: Advisor

After a character has been promoted to guardian, they may be promoted to Advisor by the rulers of the house sending in a RP report. It will require approval of the majority of the house's rulers to promote a character to Advisor. The cost to raise an advisor is 50,000 strength from the house prime. After we receive the RP report and a GM is available, the art of "Advisor" will be taught to the selected character which will change their house crest. Advisors have the same access and abilities/arts as a guardian of a house, but have a unique crest to symbolize their station.

This might be a good position for someone who the house feels deserves a leadership position, but does not have the time available to be a ruler, but it is up to the playerbase how they choose to utilize this.

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