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Logs of the No RolePlay.

This out of character forum is for discussion of roleplaying, how to roleplay and roleplay coordination.
Lu Chaos
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Logs of the No RolePlay.

Post by Lu Chaos » Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:48 pm

20:34:52: You evoke Free Action on yourself!
20:34:52: >Lu Chaos squeezes on the orb tighter
20:34:57: You cannot be staggered!
20:35:04: Harkyn has just smashed you!
20:35:04: >Lu Chaos screams, clearly beginning to weaken!
20:35:04: You cannot be staggered!
20:35:05: Harkyn has just smashed you!
20:35:05: >Lu Chaos seems very near dissolution!!
20:35:05: You feel refreshed!
20:35:05: You feel refreshed!
20:35:06: You cannot be staggered!
20:35:07: Harkyn has just smashed you!
20:35:07: >Lu Chaos appears heavily damaged!
20:35:07: You take the Orb of Energy!
20:35:07: You feel refreshed!
20:35:08: You cannot be staggered!
20:35:08: Harkyn has just smashed you!

20:35:08: >Lu Chaos appears heavily damaged!
20:35:08: You must allow yourself a moment to refocus between uses of a talisman.
20:35:09: You cannot be staggered!
20:35:09: Harkyn has just smashed you!
20:35:09: >Lu Chaos seems very near dissolution!!
20:35:09: Harkyn has collapsed you into a soulsphere! If you exit the dream, the shock to your raw soul will be severe! Seek a Sanctuary to regain coherence.
20:35:10: >Lu Chaos was collapsed into a soulsphere by Harkyn!
20:35:10: Your bold feeling goes away.
20:35:10: Your movement returns to normal.
20:35:10: Recall has expired
20:35:10: You have left Lower Basin Of Stars
20:35:10: You have entered Middle Basin Of Stars
20:35:10: You regain coherence! Rest easy, your soul is again shielded.
20:35:10: You have lost 71800 XP!
20:35:10: You have fallen to a lower orbit!
20:35:10: You have entered Sanctuary. Fighting is not possible here.
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Re: Logs of the No RolePlay.

Post by Tember » Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:52 pm

Problem is, no one knew what that green staff thing was but you. And, you don’t tell others how to respond to a roleplay. Also, you do not threaten to Collapse and hunt everyone in the room before walking out. That won’t end well, as you can see!
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Re: Logs of the No RolePlay.

Post by Koi-Drama » Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:23 pm


Our respective passions for the game often creates conflicts in how we approach evolving dynamics of Underlight. We understand that sometimes perceptions held are not entirely accurate of a particular incident because it is our nature to suspect the worst from our peers within the community. However, this sort of post does little to address the issue at hand nor does it follow a proper protocol to present a claim to the Koi-Team.

If you believe or suspect that a member of the team has behaved contrary to our protocols/rules, you have the right to make your concerns know and allow the team to review the situation. You also hold the responsibility to maintain a civil approach when making these concerns known. We have provided, in many instances, the proper contact emails for any number of issues pertaining to the game. That list can be found here. Email us or Send us a Cheat Report using the in-game report function in your player client. As you email us, we encourage you to send in your 'logs' of account pertaining to the issue you wish to be reviewed. It will assist us greatly in comparing them to the master logs. I will personally take the time out to do investigative issues regardless of what is going on around me.

Furthermore, we ask that you allow us to review an issue in an appropriate timeframe. We also request that players stay their impulses to attack each other on the forums or in other mediums beyond our control. We all love Underlight and we hope that it will remain around for some time to come. If you have any further issues, please review the contact page listed above and follow-up with us as needed.

Thank you in advance and we will see you in the Dream.

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