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Focal Bonus - Did you know?

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Focal Bonus - Did you know?

Post by Koi-Ajax » Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:07 pm

This will hopefully be the start of a new series to help enlighten players about how things really do work in Underlight. First topic - Focal Bonuses!

Each focus has their own bonus, the strength of which is dependent on the plateau of the focus (Gatekeeper, Soulmaster, Fatesender, and Dreamseer) art. Each of these are either new to Underlight or altered in this version.
  • Gatekeeper - Adds 1 damage per plateau to any missile attack. This was previously limited to a bonus of seven but this restriction was removed to allow up to nine.
  • Soulmaster - Energy Shield effect. Grants a shield between 4 and 12% based on your Soulmaster plateau. The duration of the effect is dependent on the level of the art (Restore or Healing Aura) used to apply the effect. The effect is only gained when sharing the room with the evoker and is broken by leaving the room OR based on damage received.
  • Fatesender - Hinder effect. Triggers an amplification on all missile damage the target takes. The duration is based on the Fatesender art used to apply the effect, with mass effects adding half as much duration per plateau as individual art evokes. The damage increase is relational to the plateau of Fatesender, where each plateau of Fatesender will add .75 damage to the target when hit by a missile.
  • Dreamseer - Increases the effectiveness of any elemen used by a random number between 1 and 1 + the plateau of Dreamseer. This can even turn negative elemens into small positive elemens for a Dreamseer.
It was unfortunate, as I'm sure many of you noticed, that our ability to execute math was diminished when originally calculating the Soulmaster and Fatesender bonuses. This led to them being mostly useless before being modified into their current states.

I hope you all enjoy this insight and we can continue to provide information about previously implemented features as we continue to drive forward.
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